The Right Approach Can Benefit Everyone

Founded on the idea that the right renewable energy solutions could benefit everyone involved—from the local community to the global—Heliovaas is dedicated to smarter, more secure solutions in distributed generation solar PV power. Our executive team understands the green energy landscape, and works closely with the right property owners, professionals, trades people, and investors to develop solutions that will make the right impact.

Joseph Pellegrino, Jr., Managing Director

Mr. Pellegrino is a founding member of Heliovaas and is responsible for creating and maintaining investor relationships, arranging financing, and creating joint ventures for the company at the corporate level. Additionally, he is sophisticated in the financial considerations relative to power purchase agreements, land leases, and partnerships that are necessary to ensure success for individual power projects.

Mr. Pellegrino has spent the last two decades working with Fortune 500 companies in their strategic marketing and communications. He is the CEO of Atwater Enterprises, LLC, a national creative production and marketing firm with global recognition. More recently, Mr. Pellegrino has been a managing partner in commercial real estate development ventures focused on sustainability and the restoration of historic mills in the U.S. Northeast. For this work, he has received numerous awards and recognition from city, state, and Federal Governments. He has a wide-range of experience in sustainable development, providing financial solutions and execution of real estate and renewable energy developments. Mr. Pellegrino holds a B.S. in Business and Communication from Westfield University, and a M.A. from Rhode Island College.

Samir Dube, Managing Director

Mr. Dube is a founding member of Heliovaas and is responsible for the acquisition and development of distributed generation and utility-scale solar PV assets. He is also responsible for creating and maintaining investor and lender relationships. 
Mr. Dube has been involved in the solar industry for the past 7 years. Prior to joining Heliovaas, he worked at Tecta Solar and EPURON where he was responsible for the development and financing of solar projects. Mr. Dube has successfully delivered turnkey solar PV projects across the U.S., including on tribal land. He is also a former public finance investment banker who structured over $60 billion in municipal securities throughout the United States. Mr. Dube has a B.S. in Molecular Biology and minor in History from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.