Renewable Energy that’s Better for Everyone

Today, the demand for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels continues to grow, so it’s more important than ever for businesses in the public and private sectors to provide cleaner, “greener” options. The goal of energy independence from foreign oil also plays a significant role, as renewable resources such as solar and wind are readily available and free to access. Currently, solar PV power offers the greatest opportunity, as this proven technology is highly scalable and can be quickly and easily deployed in almost any location.

As such, solar continues to receive considerable governmental subsidies despite difficult times for the global economy, which provides private-equity investors in select markets with great opportunities for financial growth. Our principals recognized that smarter solar solutions—well capitalized and backed by industry-leading professionals—can benefit the local community, as well as investors. Utilizing our understanding of regional subsidies, Heliovaas pursues markets with the most profitable opportunities.

While we currently have established relationships with existing private-equity investors, Heliovaas is open to opportunities with interested investment partners. To learn more, please contact us directly.